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Atelier ANZ printmaker/artist
next exhibition
2017.12.06 - 12.19
ANZ KANIE Exhibition (autograph session) @Mitsukoshi Nagoya, 6F LivingStation
2017.11.15 - 11.28
ANZ KANIE Exhibition (autograph session) @Isetan Shinjuku, 5F Art&Frame
2017.09.27 - 10.10
ANZ KANIE Exhibition (autograph session) @Takashimaya Iyotetsu, Interior Art Gallery
2017.09.16 - 09.25
ANZ KANIE Exhibition (autograph session) @Tokiwa Wasada Oita, Chuo-dori 5-chome site
2017.09.08 - 09.24
ANZ KANIE Exhibition (autograph session) @Izutsuya Kokura Main Bldg. 6F Gallery B.B.E
2017.04.27 - 11.23
ANZ - Kanie Anz art work - @The Museum of Contemporary Art, Karuizawa
2017.08.09 - 08.22
ANZ KANIE Exhibition (autograph session) @Takashimaya Shinjuku, Interior Art Gallery
2017.06.28 - 07.11
ANZ KANIE Exhibition (autograph session) @Daimaru Sapporo Air Works
2017.06.14 - 06.20
ANZ KANIE Exhibition (autograph session) @Tobu Utsunomiya Art Station
2017.05.13 - 06.04
"Tabi suru E (Travelling picture)" ANZ KANIE Exhibition 2017
2017.04.27 - 11.23
ANZ - Kanie Anz exhibition - @Karuizawa art museum 2F
2017.03.15 - 03.28
Exhibition @Odakyu Machida 7th floor, Graphic Station
2017.01.18 - 01.31
Exhibition @Isetan JR Kyoto 10th floor, Goods/Art Gift
2016.10.21 - 11.23
A Midsummer Night's Dream, Anz Kanie: Original Picture Exhibition at Brian Wildsmith Museum of Art in Ito-city, Shizuoka Japan
2016.08.31 - 09.13
Anz Kanie's exhibition ~The Forest of "Little Red Riding Hood"~
@Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Main building 6F
+ART art goods store
2016.09.15 - 20
Anz Kanie original Exhibition & Kabukicho art project transformer box original Exhibition @Hiltopia ART SQUARE Hilton Tokyo B1F
2016.09.21 - 10.04
Anz Kanie's exhibition @Tsuruya Department Store Kumamoto
Main building 5F graphic station
2016.09.29 - 10.04
Anz Kanie's exhibition @Yamakataya Kagoshima 1st building 5F Connecting walkway
2016.10.13 - 10.26
Anz Kanie's exhibition @Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro 6F No.6 ART station
2016.11.11 - 27
Anz Kanie's exhibition @Yokohama Loft 7F graphics
Anz Kanie

Anz is a drypoint and mixed media artist who was born in Tokyo. She learned her drypointing in London. She is a chairperson of Specified Nonprofit Corporation 3.11 Children’s Library.

Besides holding exhibitions at department stores and art galleries throughout Japan, she has been producing the art programs for children at the Shinjuku Creators Festival, an urban art event. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, she started up a Specified Nonprofit Corporation 3.11 Children’s Library and became a coordinator for directing the activities such as giving picture books and painting materials to children in the stricken area.

Her signature style is distinctive lines and vivid colors. She draws lines with drypoint techniques and her original technique which uses ink running and patchy. And she paints colors on each works, with using various drawing materials as watercolors and crayons. She often draws natural motifs such as trees, flowers, and animals, and also draws people such as families, lovers, and children.

2017.03.21 - 03.30 "The March 11th #6
〜Fukushima's future pictures drawn by children〜
*Dates March 21st (Tue) - 30th (Thu)
*Address Space Zero
2-12-10 Yoyogi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo #151-0053 (5 min walk from Shinjuku station South exit)
*Time 11:00 am - 7:00 pm (close at 5 pm on 3/30)
2017.01 Book cover "Iryo Genba no Outai Yogo": 『医療現場の応対用語』サイオ出版
2016.11.30 - 12.24 Fun Fun Christmas 2016 - Xmas gift exhibition with 24 artists
11.30 - 12.24
Tokyo International Forum
Forum Art Shop
3 Chome-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō
2016.11.29 - 12.04 Picture Book Art 2016
11.29 - 12.4
Fujiya Gallery - Address: Tokyo, Chuo, Ginza 2-6-5-2F
2016.11.29 - 12.05 Jiyucolor 2016
Will join exhibit of Jiyunomori High School gratuates 10:00 〜 19:00

151-0053 TOkyo Shibuya Yoyogi 2-12-10
2016.11.13 Anz Kanie and Professor Shoichiro Kawai to have a special talk event from 2pm. Mr. Kawai is professor at Tokyo University and leading researcher of Shakespeare.
Theme: "Twinkle of A Midsummer Night's Dream".
Reservation starts at 9am on October 10th (limited seats available). Please send email to: info@atelieranz.jp
2016.10.21 - 11.23 A Midsummer Night's Dream, Anz Kanie: Original Picture Exhibition at Brian Wildsmith Museum of Art in Ito-city, Shizuoka Japan
Opens on Fri, Sat, Sun, national holiday from 10am to 5pm. Admission: adult 1000 yen, high-middle school 800 yen, children free
2016.10 Book cover "Musicanova" - 『ムジカノーヴァ』音楽之友社 10月号
2016.09.25 On the outdoor terrace with a Godzilla head that is a popular tourist spot, it will hold a drawing and calligraphy of collaboration events.
place:Hotel Gracery Shinjuku 8F Terrace, time:10:00-12:00, Drawing theme:"Mt.Fuji and Godzilla"
2016.05.20 Anz & the musician Koji Ishikawa have started to run the serial essays in "Kamome no Hondana online".
2015.11.21 Her work had been adopted as a logo mark of the 50th anniversary that discovered the iriomote wild cats.
2015.04.01 She drew the Godzilla to a transformer box of Seibu Shinjuku Station Road.
2015.01.27 We made a special art car in collaboration with BMW i3.
2015.01.09 The interview to Anz was published serially in Kamome no Hondana online.
2014.11.07 "Anz's Alice Book" was introduced on BS Fuji Harajuku Book Cafe.
2014.06.07 She created a picture to be used at the beginning animation of "Call of Life" the movie.